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Windows - Mirrors
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Kitchen Vents
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Cleans windowpanes
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Marmor - Terracotta
Floor covering
Lime and rust
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Liquid soap with Balm
Absorption cloth
Cleaning paste with Balm
Marmor - Terracotta
Professional formula for removing grease and dirt

Sterility at home
A super-concentrate for washing and cleaning of marmor and terracotta floors. Works as a robot - washes and cleans on its own, leaving a secondary role to the human only.
The use of this cleaning agent gives excellent results due to the content of surface-active agents of both ion-based and non-ion-based character, and an appropriate selection of the environment. Thanks to its unique recipe, it works very effectively on general dirt as well as on grease-based dirt, e.g. in kitchens, restaurants and garages.
The most efficient cleaning agent. After mixing with water, the solutions preserves effectiveness even in the 1:300 ratio.

Art.No.: Contents: Packing Unit:
2C-0918 500 ml 15 units per carton
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