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Windows - Mirrors
Leather Impregnator
Kitchen Vents
Ceramic Hotplate
Cleans windowpanes
Wooden Floor
Marmor - Terracotta
Floor covering
Lime and rust
Collar - Cuff
Liquid soap with Balm
Absorption cloth
Cleaning paste with Balm
Floor covering
Professional formula for removing stains and dirt from floor coverings and carpets

Comfort and cleanliness at home
Forget dirt and stains on carpets - they have no chances in a frontal encounter with our product.
Each dirt spot and stains disappear after its use as if they have never been there - even when the guests you are waiting for are already at your doorstep. With this cleaner, you can also clean the whole carpet: cheaply, without any greater effort, and with a long-term effect.
Due to its effectiveness, the product is used in residencies, offices, and museums. The addition of phosphonates protects the surfaces against repeated settling down of dirt. The product’s composition includes natural lanolin, which takes care of the fibers, ensuring their softness, and preserves them. The splendid effect of cleanliness and freshness is completed by the compound perfume.
Excellent for all carpets, rugs and wall-to-wall carpeting, also of the highest class.

Art.No.: Contents: Packing Unit:
2C-0871 500 ml 15 units per carton
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