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Liquid soap with Balm

Youth elixir
- Hand and body balm

Better than Cleopatra’s donkey milk bath, with effectiveness comparable to the most expensive, specialist treatments in paris beauty salons.
A balm with numerous functions: it washes and cares for each type of skin, even the most sensitive, dry and allergic one. Contains extract of coconut oils, elastin and collagen. The balm supplements the deficiency of soluble collagen and elastin in the skin, restoring it to the condition of freshness, smoothness and elasticity, characteristic for youth, as well as ensuring the proper moisturization level.
The washing properties are ensured by delicate surface-active agents present in the balm’s composition. It is recommen-ded everybody, also for people in their forties and over, when the body stops producing elastin completely. The balm supplements its deficiencies.

Art.No.: Contents: Packing Unit:
2C-0819 500 ml 12 units per carton
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