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Windows - Mirrors
Leather Impregnator
Kitchen Vents
Ceramic Hotplate
Cleans windowpanes
Wooden Floor
Marmor - Terracotta
Floor covering
Lime and rust
Collar - Cuff
Liquid soap with Balm
Absorption cloth
Cleaning paste with Balm
Wooden Floor
Professional formula for washing wooden floors

Concentrate - Removes any dirt
Instead of a housework chore - active relaxation with the help of the super concentrate for washing and conditioning floors of all kinds of wood, natural panels, panels made of plastic and other kinds of floors.
It works immediately removing all stains (even old ones) from your floor. Owing to the unique formula it works actively with the floor dirt, reducing our role as much as possible. Using the concentrate bears excellent results thanks to the use of combination of surface-active additives of both ionic and non-ionic character. The liquid is very effective in removing grease stains.

Art.No.: Contents: Packing Unit:
2C-0383 500 ml 15 units per carton
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