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Auto Polish (230 ml)
Auto Polish
Auto Polish Extra
Car Shampoo
Leather Impregnator
Car Interior
Cleans windowpanes
Wheel disks
Plastic Elements
ANTI-Silicon Wax
Absorption cloth
Defrosting Formula
Brake Cleaner
Good Visibility
Cleaning paste with Balm
Professional formula for cleaning engine

Engine as good as new
It will wash even the dirtiest and most oil-covered engine and all its accessories. We guarantee satisfactory results, especially when the product is applied directly to warm engine, and then washed away with a high pressure water stream.
An extremely effective product, thanks to an appropriate selection of the environment, non-ion surface-active agents, oil emulsifiers and the correct dispersants. Commonly used in branded car service stations and car washes.

Art.No.: Contents: Packing Unit:
2C-0369 500 ml 15 units per carton
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